History of Angelic Advice

May 22, 2016

angelThe word angel is derived from the Greek word Angelos, which means ‘messenger’. Angels are traditionally believed to be supernatural beings who act as mediators between Man and God. Increasingly we understand Angels as being supportive instruments to support humans to find their true destiny, or Kismet.

The broader meaning of ‘Angel’ is used to describe anyone who brings a message to another, whether a human being or a spirit. Have you ever had someone say something to you and it just ‘stood out’ as something you needed to hear at that exact time?

You may have even said, “You’re an Angel!’.


Loving Strangers amongst us

A common modern-day description of angels are found in numerous stories of helpful, but mysterious strangers. These stories often tell of a stranger who seems to come to a person during a time of need, providing a word or help of some kind, then mysteriously disappearing quickly. During these experiences, the messenger or helper is indiscernible as an angel, but appears as a loving, caring human being.

Angels are spirit messengers who bring messages of truth to those they care for.

Today, many people look to their Angels for assistance or even intervention during crisis. But your Angels do not appear only when you have problems. They’re with you all the time and if you are willing to tune in to their presence, they will support you. Feel the wind on your skin, the shiver down your spine and the fleeting fragrance as your Angel brushes past you.


Connect and feel your Angel

Once you become used to connecting to your Angels, you will discover how they offer you daily hints, specific signs and clear messages to bring your closer to prosperity, success and well-being.

They send you their pure Love and want only the best for you.




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