Angel of Intelligence

You are far more intelligent than you are giving yourself credit for ! You are smart and intuitive. Ayporos is sharing the Wisdom of Time with you and he is making all of this information available to you. Let your mind grasp new ideas easily and help you to make sound decisions and consider the[…]

Beautiful Angel Statue stands watch overgraves in a cemetary in the northeastern U.S. Scanned balck and white negative with noticeable grain.

Angel of Decision Making

To make your decision ask yourself ‘Which way brings me closer to my Divine purpose? Which way takes me away from it?’ Should I go this way or that way? One day, you’re sure of your decision. The next day, you question it again. This indecision will be healed by focusing on your Divine Life[…]



The card of Temperance is one of the most powerful messages to receive for a message is being offered from multiple angels. In a heartfelt chorus, they’re celebrating your health and vitality and they ask you to join in.  Your physical and spiritual health is their greatest gift to you, and they ask you to[…]


The Card of Naaririel

Naaririel is letting you know that she is with you, giving you the courage to make life changes that will help you work on your Divine Life purpose. She is showing a Life filled with exceptional health, happiness and success. These are daily events to be practised with Love and Self Care. Drink more water,[…]