Manifesting Success

May 22, 2016

tr[opyThe power of Intention with divine guidance has been instrumental in turning dreams into reality for many successful people in every field: professional athletes, business CEO’s, speakers, singers, and performers.

These people understand that Intention is powerful and will help you to change your Life.

Remarkably, science has also demonstrated that your brain cannot tell the difference between a visualized image and reality and will easily support you towards whatever dreams and goals you settle on. A Harvard study taught two groups a simple 5-fingered piano melody; one group physically practiced the melody for two hours a day over five days. The other group merely visualized playing the melody.

As you can probably guess, the new neurological wiring that took place were almost identical between the two groups.

So how do you help find your Destiny and live a life without unnecessary friction?



calnderDream as though you are remembering a past event that happened:

Forget time as a linear concept and instead start visualizing your dreams, involve all your senses:

Touch, sound, sight, even smell and taste. Involve your emotions, laugh, smile and celebrate the victory.  Breathe, Believe and Become.


Mantra from Angel Sandalphon : I enjoy releasing thoughts and patterns that no longer serve me.



peopleTake on different perspectives:

See yourself accomplishing your goals beginning with your own 1st person lens, then 2nd and 3rd person, be in the crowd and look upon yourself succeeding in your dream. Do this daily and congratulate yourself on your success.


Mantra from Angel Charmaine : I have a positive and harmonious influence on my work colleagues.



tr[opyBegin to live as if you have succeeded in your goal:

Begin to dress, talk, and look like the person you want to be. Take care of yourself in all aspects: physical, spiritual and mental.  If you falter or are unsure, seek the advice of your Angels for support and Love.


Mantra from Angel Tyler : I am creating prosperity and generating true financial freedom. I have the resources for success. 



heartUse positive self-talk and affirmations together with your Kismet guidance:

As with taking on the different perspectives with the mental images, likewise in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person, say the things that you would like to be said about you as if you have already achieved your goal. Seek the advice from your Angels and create a space every day to let this settle over you.



aertPut together a Success Vision Board

This can be physical on a cork-board, posted on your desk or wall, or compiled on your computer. Use words that describe the person that you desire to become, pictures of the victories that you desire to experience. Be sure to look at these images on a daily basis and focus on your Intention.


Mantra from Angel Uriel : I am ready and excited for change. 


Practice these activities daily and enjoy your step towards your ultimate Kismet.



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